Digital marketing

When we talk about digital marketing, we need to understand that it is by no means limited to advertising on the Internet. Within the framework of this concept, all digital technological tools are considered that allow solving certain marketing tasks related to the promotion of services or a brand with maximum efficiency. In other words, digital marketing is a way of interaction between a business and potential customers who need to be transferred to the rank of consumers and retained in it.

Advertex agency provides digital marketing services in UAE and worldwide. The company's specialists have created a number of useful websites, web environments, and digital marketing campaigns based on strategic thinking and practical experience. Clients get you the best possible solution based on experience. The company's marketing involves experts in their field who solve digital marketing tasks on a daily basis, help increase sales, conversion (CRO), and achieve profit targets.

The main components of digital marketing include:

  • SEO (SEO) promotion, responsible for the promotion of the resource in search engines in order to get the necessary traffic.
  • Banner advertising is one of the oldest types of advertising on the Internet, which allows you to display large-sized graphics on the site that contain an advertising message.
  • Contextual advertising, which is visible only to potential buyers who are looking for information about these goods or services.
  • Targeted ads that are shown only to those who are known to you in connection with their actions and preferences.
  • Marketing, referred to as "viral", encourages people to tell their friends and acquaintances about your offer.
  • Promotion in social media, aimed at attracting the attention of Internet users to a particular company. There is a special abbreviation for this set of measures - SMM.

As for online promotion tools, Advertex digital marketing specialists today actively use:

  • Websites and individual web pages.
  • Contextual and banner, or display, advertising.
  • Advertising on Internet sites related to trade.
  • Advertising in various applications.
  • SMM.
  • Covert and viral marketing activities.
  • Email distribution.
  • Photo and video content.
  • Virtual PR actions.

It makes sense to consider the main channels of online promotion in more detail. Let's start with the site.

Since today any Internet user looking for any product or any service on the Web turns to the official portals of companies for this, the site can be called the main step on the ladder of online marketing promotion. It is on websites that we look for information about organizations and their offers, which is why the success of digital marketing directly depends on the visual appeal and, most importantly, the effectiveness of the resource.

In turn, the effectiveness of the functioning of the site is inextricably linked with the ranking of web resources in search engines, which is done by SEO specialists. SEO optimization is one of the key channels for online promotion.

Now a few words about advertising. With the help of its contextual version, potential consumers are attracted, because the grounds for such advertising are the real preferences of Internet users. Contextual advertising has an ad format. It is customized based on keywords or people's interests and sent directly to the portal.

If the published ads are shown only to a certain group of users that meets the specific requirements of the advertiser, then we are dealing with targeted advertising. Its main advantage is the targeted delivery of information only to those who are interested in it. Therefore, targeted advertising can be called especially effective with minimal negative impact.

Another significant online promotion channel is SMM. Marketing in social media is characterized by high interactivity, thanks to which the relationship between the target audience and the advertiser is built faster and easier. The SMM format allows you to increase your reputation, demonstrate accessibility, openness, attract attention and inspire trust.

The basis of good digital marketing is setting goals, measuring results, analyzing them, and, based on this, constantly improving marketing activities. The advantage of Advertex is strategic thinking and practical experience.