The BanglaHunt Conclave & Social Summit 2022 was really one of the most unique events to ever take place in Bengal and this event was special due to a multitude of reasons.

It had many sponsors and the title sponsor was Think To Share IT Solutions Pvt Ltd. Today we are going to talk about this company because this is probably one of the most unique companies to have supported such a unique event.

In fact, it is rare to have such events take place in India that awards social media stars. Let us talk about why this event is unique and what are the similarities between this event and Think To Share IT Solutions.


This social summit and conclave was organised in Kolkata by Bangla Hunt and the main inspiration behind this was the gathering of people who influence society.

The most important thing was that not only people from politics were invited but social influences were invited as well.

These social influencers are content creators who create meaningful and popular content on social media and YouTube and collectively have millions and millions of views.

These social influencers are the people who actually influence the masses and that is why this event was a breakthrough and also an important milestone in recognising their talent.

Of course, there were politicians and other social activists but we are going to talk about them in another blog where we discuss how they are influential in society.

In this blog we are simply going to focus on social influencers, however, the reason why we are focusing on them is that the phenomenon of social influencing is a relatively new thing.


They are one of the truest examples of brand image and brand creation because they are individual brands and their online names have immense brand value.

This kind of brand value is quite similar to the brand value that mainstream celebrities such as movie stars as well as socialites have

These social influencers and social media stars are an inspiration to everyone for multiple reasons but the most important reason is that they have managed to create their own brand.

In the case of movie stars, they get a lot of help from producers and other people in the industry but the industry of YouTube and Facebook is so new that there is no helpful framework and structure.

That is why whatever the social media stars have achieved has been there on initiative without any external help.

The brand image that they have managed to create is quite sought after and newcomers to the industry often wonder how they can achieve the same status and brand image.

This is where our title sponsor comes in and this is probably a perfect coincidence and initiative that can actually benefit and create new social influencers.


Think To Share IT Solutions is an IT solutions company but they are a lot more and here are certain things that separate them from the rest of the bunch.

They primarily offer IT solutions such as web designing and development services and nearly every kind of IT services like app development, software development, graphics designing, content creation and a lot more.

Along with that, they provide one of the best digital marketing services in India.

And when it comes to digital marketing this is where their entire support stands.

Think To Share IT Solutions has been the title sponsor of this event for a very important reason and that is to show how they appreciate and how they understand the importance of social media stars.

Their CEO Parag Nandy Roy had this to say, “Now it's our time to appreciate them (social media stars) who do so much for us and society, they teach and mould our society and keep us happy”.

Upon asking how this is going to change the social media landscape, he said, “Bangla Hunt is doing an amazing job of supporting these stars and this rests perfectly with our philosophy of helping to extend the support.”

The reason why Think To Share IT Solutions is so actively involved in supporting events like this is due to the reason that they are themselves brand creators and have created countless digital brands for companies and individuals.

They have taken on projects that extend from setting up entire brands of business from an offline model to online and making it successful and then repeating this for dozens of social media stars and brands around the world.

They also manage a very diverse group of social media influencers and motivational speakers as well as social celebrities and content creators and they understand the hard work that these content creators put into their work.

That is why they support social media influencers wherever they can.


You might have heard of many companies that provide IT services but what differentiates Think To Share IT Solutions is the fact that they are a conscious company.

They always understand the implications that any project can have in society and if they see that the project is beneficial they try to give the level best in order to help create a successful endeavour.

They apply the custom and handmade approach in this Industry that is mechanised and they make sure that the service is beyond and above anything anyone provides in the industry.

They are also involved in a lot of philanthropic work and they have one of the best work environments in the entire country and they are everything to do with providing a homely atmosphere that can make progress possible.

Along with that, they always try to build relationships with clients and make sure that a community of success is always established.

You can take a look at their events in order to find out how much they value their clients and why they are a different company when it comes to building relationships.

That is exactly why when they approached Bangla hunt, they made sure to emphasize the fact that they are going to support anything that appreciates social influencers and society in general.


We believe that supporting such companies like Think To Share IT Solutions PVT. LTD. is not only necessary but a good thing in general because companies like this add value to what makes a difference in the entire industry.

If you can support them then they are going to support your favourite people and they will make sure to only invest in meaningful relationships and projects that have a benefit that is for the greater good.